Can you help me fix up or repair my house?
NEAR can refer homeowners to the homeowner repair resources of the Indianapolis Neighborhood Housing Partnership (INHP). INHP works with homeowners with household incomes at or less than 80% AMI. Homeowner repairs are paid for in the form of a no-interest loan (attached as a property lien) that can be paid over 30 years. We focus on owner-occupied homes in the Near East area. Community Development Corporation, in this initiative.

How do I learn about or buy a house that NEAR is developing?
NEAR lists developing properties on our website.  We are happy to talk with you directly about specific developing properties.

How do I qualify for Affordable Housing?
NEAR works closely with the Indianapolis Neighborhood Housing Partnership (INHP) and their affordable housing programs.  All buyers of NEAR affordable houses benefit from INHP’s Homebuyer Education Class. We can walk you through the process and provide referrals to INHP for Near East area neighbors who are interested in qualifying for affordable housing.

What can I do about the abandoned house on my street?
NEAR offers a “how-to” printout of step-by-step actions to take, call “Fighting Blight,” as well as contact information for dealing with this and other common neighborhood challenges.

How can I get involved with NEAR?
NEAR welcomes the opportunity for community engagement in our mission. Please see a list of our current initiatives to find opportunities to volunteer. Donations can be made through our secure online system.

Can you help me on my rent?
NEAR does not provide rental assistance.  Please contact the John H. Boner Community Center for more information regarding rental and utility assistance programs.