• Welcome Home
    Welcome Home

    Welcome Home, our flagship initiative, continues to provide home ownership opportunities in the Near East. We have built or renovated and sold 27 homes to homeowners since 2010. Another 32 homes were developed and sold to the John H. Boner Community Center for their Centennial Homes rental program for low-income neighbors.

    Thanks to renewed funding and partnerships with the City of Indianapolis, we are currently building or restoring 17 more homes for homeownership in St. Clair Place and Springdale neighborhoods.

  • Homesteading

    NEAR has partnered with our neighbors to the southeast, SEND, to create and launch a Homesteading initiative here in the Near East. This program helps lower- and middle-income individuals or families to purchase an abandoned house and renovate it over the span of 1-2 years. After the home is renovated, participants live in the house for at least five years, after which, up to $12,000 in loans taken out to renovate the home are forgiven.

    If you’re interested in taking part in this program, contact Joe Smoker. We can help you identify potential properties and begin the process of purchasing your new home.

  • Homeowner Repair
    Homeowner Repair

    NEAR can provide limited resources in the form of a low-interest loan (attached as a lien) for homeowner repair.  We focus on owner-occupied homes in the Near East area. NEAR works with two partner nonprofit organizations, Riley Area Development Corporation and Englewood Community Development Corporation, in this initiative.

  • Industrial Space Reuse
    Industrial Space Reuse

    We have begun working with numerous city, funding, and programming partners to envision creative ways to reinvest and reuse in a number of industrial spaces on the Near Eastside, including Sherman Park, Ruby Park, and the Mass Ave./Brookside Drive industrial corridor. This would amount to the redevelopment of more than 250 acres of brownfields throughout our community.

  • Housing & Infrastructure Survey
    Housing & Infrastructure Survey

    We have engaged residents to help us complete the Near Eastside Housing & Infrastructure Survey. This maps the condition of every street in our community, from broken sidewalks to vacant properties.

    We are using this survey, along with the Near Eastside Quality of Life Plan, to prioritize and complete improvements throughout our community.

  • Caulk of the Town
    Caulk of the Town

    Saturday, October 24 is the date for 2015!

    Caulk of the Town is a one-day, community-wide home weatherization event. It’s neighbors caring for neighbors, neighborhoods, and housing.

    We’re looking for volunteer teams to come together, roll up your sleeves, and weatherize a Near Eastside home.

    View (and print or share) our Caulk of the Town Information Sheet.

    Ready to volunteer? Click here to download the volunteer form, or submit your registration online here. We need you!

    Want to sponsor or donate supplies? We’re looking for sponsors or suppliers to offer in-kind supplies. View our Caulk of the Town sponsorship opportunities and then contact Joe Smoker.