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941 N. Beville


NEAR is restoring this single-family, 3-bedroom, 2-bath house in St. Clair Place. It is being rehabbed according to the critical design standards of the St. Clair Place Pattern Book–a guide independently developed for best-practices in new and rehab construction to bring new value to this urban neighborhood.

This house at 941 Beville is planned to be complete in early May 2015. This is one of nine houses NEAR is currently restoring or building new in the 900 and 800 blocks of N. Beville Avenue–our effort to revitalize these blocks and this street that is so close to downtown and the East 10th Street commercial and transit corridor.

Do you qualify for this home?

This home is one of 12 houses being restored or newly constructed as part of NEAR’s ‘Welcome HOME’ Project. This initiative is supported by HUD’s HOME program, which makes quality homeownership accessible and affordable to low to moderate-income households. These houses are available for homeownership to households with total incomes at or less than 80% of Area Median Income (AMI).

The 2015 Indianapolis 80% AMI limits are:

  • Household of 1: $38,150
  • Household of 2: $43,600
  • Household of 3: $49,050
  • Household of 4: $54,500
  • Household of 5: $58,900
  • Household of 6: $63,250
  • Household of 7: $67,600
  • Household of 8: $71,950

It is possible to purchase a ‘Welcome HOME’ house before it is completed.

Please let us know of your interest in this address, our ‘Welcome HOME’ Project, or NEAR’s other homeownership possibilities.