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652 Jefferson Avenue


NEAR is pleased to offer St. Clair Place’s first, newly constructed, unrestricted home in decades. This vacant lot is now developed as a new construction, 3bd, 2.5bth, 1,700-square foot 1.5-story home according to the critical design standards of our St. Clair Place Pattern Book. Home includes walk-in pantry, fireplace and 2-car garage.

This home is being developed through a unique partnership with Steven R. Keller Construction.

Floor design and construction progress photos will be posted here as they are available.

It is possible to purchase a NEAR home before it is completed.

Please let us know of your interest in this address, our ‘LIVE NEAR’ Project, or NEAR’s other homeownership possibilities. Please include the address of any homes you are interested in so we may better assist you with information.